Michael P. Diamond, MD

Michael P. Diamond, MD, is an internationally renowned clinical and translational investigator. 

Dr. Diamond has been funded by six NIH Institutes and served as Principal Investigator or Co-PI on over 45 commercial clinical trials on diverse topics including infertility, insulin sensitivity, postoperative adhesions, uterine fibroids, ovulation induction, menstrual migraines, osteoporosis, endometriosis, and sexual dysfunction. He has served on multiple NIH study sections and special review committees.

Dr. Diamond is a past President of his subspecialty society, the Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and has served as the President of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons, as well as Chair of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Androgen Excess, and the Environment and Reproduction Special Interest Groups.

Ariel Weissman, MD

Assuta Rishon Medical Center

Dr. Ariel Weissman graduated the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical School in 1988. In 1994 he completed his residency in Obstetrics and gynecology at the Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot, where he spent another two years working as a senior physician at the IVF unit. Dr. Weissman then pursued a 2-year research and clinical fellowship with Prof. Bob Casper at the Division of Reproductive Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. His main focus of research was transplantation of human ovarian tissue in immuno deficient mice.

Upon returning to Israel in 1998, Dr. Weissman joined the IVF unit at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Tel Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine where he currently holds a position of Senior Lecturer. Together with David Gardner PhD, Colin Howles PhD, and Zeev Shoham M.D., Dr. Weissman has published the “Textbook of Assisted Techniques: Laboratory and Clinical Perspectives”, which is one of the leading books in the field of ART

Michael Allon, MD

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas

Dr. Michael A. Allon, a Houston, TX fertility specialist is Board Certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Allon is a native of Houston, TX and completed his Obstetrics and Gynecology training at Baylor College of Medicine. During his residency, Dr. Allon had the opportunity to work with infertile couples and developed a keen interest in the complicated processes leading to successful conception and pregnancy.r. Allon is an active member of the American Infertility Association, Endometriosis Association, Texas Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The Endocrine Society, American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), Society for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (SREI), Harris County Medical Society, and the PCOS Foundation. He is also serving on the advisory board of the American College of Embryology. 

Lina Vilar, MD

CITMER, Medical Director

Dr. Lina Vilar is a co-founder of CITMER network. 

She was trained as a Surgeon at the Autonomous University of Baja California before becoming a OBGYN following her residency at Autonomous University of Chihuahua. She further specialized in assisted reproduction before co-founding CITMER.

She is the first in a world to achieve pregnancy using progesterone as a trigger of ovulation. She is also a world expert in Term Stimulation.  

Pasha Itsykson, PhD

Assuta Rishon Medical Center

Dr. Pavel (Pasha) Itsykson earned his B.Sc. in Biology in 1997 and M.Sc. Life Sciences in 1999 from Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. He conducted research under guidance of professor Benjamin Bartoov which focused on the influence and prevention of oxidative stress in ram spermatozoa. Simultaneously, Dr. Itsykson participated in the first Israeli bi-annual education program in Clinical Embryology. 

He started his career as a trainee Embryologist in 1999 at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. In 2008 he became Lab Director of IVF Unit, Assuta Medical Center, Rishon Le-Zion.  He earned PhD in 2010 from Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the laboratory of Professor Benjamin Reubinoff.  His research focused on controlled neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. The Assuta Medical  Center in Rishon Le-Zionin developed rapidly to the second largest IVF clinic in Israel employing 23 embryologists and 3 andrologysts performing about 6000 fresh and 5000 frozen cycles a year. This IVF unit was the first in Israel to achieve pregnancy from virtified-warmed human oocytes in 2010.


Israel Maldonado, MS


Israel Maldonado Rosas, MS., is owner and CEO of the Center of Technological Innovation and Reproductive Medicine (CITMER) in Mexico with 3 IVF clinics located in Puebla, Monterrey and Mexico City, and Scientific Director of Citmer Research Center. The last 6 years, he has been an active external Professor in the International Training Program in Advanced Reproductive Techniques at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cleveland Clinic.

Israel was the first Embryologist in the history of Mexico to be part of the Board Committee of the Mexican Association for Reproductive Medicine (AMMR) in 2018.

Israel is currently designated by the AMMR to be part of the International Committee of Scientific Collaboration between the AMMR and ASRM, ESHRE, and ASEBIR (Spain). He has founded 3 IVF clinics in only 3 years in Mexico and formed more than 100 Mexican Embryologists in Mexico and more than 40 International Embryologists in Cleveland Clinic, USA.  

Nabil Arrach, PhD

Progenesis Inc, CEO

Dr. Nabil Arrach has 20 years of research experience in molecular genetics, both in preclinical and clinical settings. He has worked at several prestigious research centers, including the University of California, Berkeley, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and the University of California, Irvine, and has numerous high impact publications and a successful record in grant funding. Dr. Arrach is the co-founder of Progenesis located in La Jolla, CA, the world leader in next generation sequencing technology for embryo testing. Dr. Arrach was the first scientist to optimize and validate next generation sequencing for PGS and PGD. He continues to work on new emerging fields in IVF including spent media testing. Dr. Arrach holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Under Dr. Arrach’s guidance, Progenesis stands at the forefront of NGS research technology; it is the only company to offer PGD using next generation sequencing.

Igor Brusil


Mr. Brusil is a healthcare attorney with extensive hands-on experience in assisted reproduction: entry-level laboratory technician, high-complexity laboratory supervisor and medical practice manager. This background makes him uniquely qualified to advise healthcare providers and companies on the complex issues of regulatory compliance in reproductive healthcare.  

Mr. Brusil obtained his law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he also earned a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law. Prior to law school, Mr. Brusil completed undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of California at Los Angeles and earned a Master of Sciences degree (with merit) from the University of Leeds (UK).

Mr. Brusil is a member of State Bar Associations of Texas and Illinois and is licensed in Texas and Illinois.