Smart Parenthood™

Make a smart, future life-defining decision before pregnancy begins

You are considering having a child, whom you will love and accept no matter what. However, he or she will be confronting a very rational and highly competitive outside world, which sets a lot of conditions for love and acceptance. This world is competitive, judgmental and not fair. Starting from the early age, it will put your child through the paces of non-ending standardized tests to assign him or her a place within the society.

This is where all your nurturing efforts may come against the concrete wall of your child’s nature, which can hold a lot of unwanted surprises, programmed at the time of the conception. Genetic predisposition can come in a form of an apparent disorder or a subtle deviations that make a person prone to physical or mental issues. This predisposition is never 100% certain, yet it is real and cannot be fixed.

Smart Parenthood™ helps future parents like yourself to choose an embryo that will have the highest genetic predisposition to live the happiest, longest and the most fulfilling life, before it implants into the uterus. 

Some people consider testing of the preimplantation embryos unethical and unfair because this may deny a person from being born. But there is no human who is upset that he or she was not living before being born. We begin to care about life only once we become self-aware or, at least, able to experience pain. While there is no in-vitro embryo upset by not being able to become a human, there are a lot of people whose genetic predisposition makes life so unbearable that they regret being born at all.

Therefore we believe that testing an embryo is by far more humane than testing children and defining them as having low potential. If your largest lifetime investment is your child, why not begin with asking a question is if it going to be worthwhile? 

And there is one more benefit, testing embryo before pregnancy will help to greatly reduce the chance of facing an agonizing decision to terminate the pregnancy.